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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are questions most asked about patches, the quote process, and the ordering process. 

Q: If I get a quote, do I have to buy the patches?

A: No. The way it works normally, is that you send me a sketch, and I determine if it can be made into a patch. I will then give you a quote for the price of the order. If you want to proceed, you ask for and get a "Draft Proof". If you like the proof, and approve it, then you get an invoice with payment instructions. At that point, once you have an invoice, you are then committed to paying for the service. You can stop at any time. And believe me, people ask for proofs, multiple revisions, and when they get their invoice, I never hear from them again.

Q: Ink Impressed? What's that? I've never heard of anything like that! 

A: "Ink Impressed" is the method by which all of my patches are produced. It is a computer-controlled process that actually imbeds the ink into the patches. Unlike embroidery, which I do not do, this process can utilize a full range of colors, to the point that you can even have photographs put onto a patch! There is no embroidery company in the world that can do that! My patches do not fray, pick, unravel, tear or fade. I have over 12,000 fonts to pick from. No embroidered patch can do that. It's a much better process if you ask me. 

Q: I have this patch I want made. It's got the logo for (insert College or Pro sports team, or Company Logo here) on it. Can you do that? 

A: No. Put simply, I don't want to get sued, and neither do you. Those are all copyrighted and trademarked images, and I can't legally produce them without a license. A very expensive license. If you send me an image that I determine to be copyrighted, or ask me to produce a patch that contains a copyrighted or trademarked image, I simply won't do it. The only way I can do it is if I get a written, signed, legal license to produce the image, on the letterhead of the organization that holds the copyright on the image. The same goes for police patches. I have to have a letter from the police department, on department letterhead, authorizing me to produce the patch. Some people have flesh-eating lawyers, and love to use them.

Q: yo dude can u make me a patch?

A: Yes. You're now a patch.

(This was an actual email. I never heard from them again, either.)

Q: Can I call you on the phone to discuss what I want to do on my patches?

A: No. I can't re-read a phone call, and neither can you. I do this for your protection and mine, so that if anything ever comes up, there is a written record of what we discussed, so that neither of us can go back and ever change what was there. I always chain-quote in my replies, so that the full record of each communication is included in every email. I do this, because the second client I ever had tried to get PayPal to force a refund, because he didn't want the patches any more, and so he lied to them and said that I had not given him what he asked for. I forwarded all the pertinent emails to the dispute agent, and his claim was dismisssed. I certainly don't think that anyone else would try that, but I have this in place so that both of us are protected from any miscommunication, or failure to explain properly.

Q: Can you put Velcro on my patches?

A: I could, but it will cost you $10.00 per patch to have Velcro added. 

That's right. TEN dollars per patch

The reason I do this is simple: For the amount of hassle, trouble, damage to patches and clothing, and other problems with the stuff, it just is not worth my time, or yours for me to put it on. If you want it that badly, I recommend you put it on yourself.

Every single person in the military I have EVER talked with, ALL have said exactly the same thing: "I wish to God they'd never put Velcro on our uniforms. It is so much trouble." I have even had a military unit offer to pay me to take it OFF the patches if it came with them.

Q:  What's the difference between "Cut-edge" and "Merrowed"? I don't know what those mean. 

A: "Cut-edge" is simply the patch itself, with the blank backing material cut away from the design. There is no sewn border on it. It is just the raw edge of the fabric on which the patch is produced. Now, don't worry, because this fabric is designed to never fray, unravel, or pick, so your patch won't come apart.

"Merrowed" is the industry term for the interlocked, almost woven, sewn border that is commonly seen on the edges of patches. Think of a standard patch you might have seen somewhere, like on a police, fire, or military uniform, and that's what a merrowed edge looks like. 

Or, you could just look at these two photos and it should be clear.

Cut-Edge Merrowed

Q: How long does it take from the time I pay for my order, until I get my patches?
Q: What's the turnaround time from payment to receipt?

A: Generally, it takes about 10 to 14 business days from the time you place your order until you receive your patches. Sometimes, it can take longer, and that is caused by delays in the U. S. Mail, holidays, or production issues at the mill that makes the blanks. I keep you advised of what's happening. When your patches ship, I send you an email to tell you to expect them. 

Q: How much do these patches cost?

A: I have a whole page on this site that explains how much patches cost. Click to see the "PRICES" of all the patches, in all quantities. Your answer is there. :) 

Q: I want this design I've attached in my email, nobody else can do it, can you?

A: In a word, yes. In a few words, I probably can, unless it's a copyrighted image, or it is the proprietary image of a team or organization that I have already done. If it's not one of those things, I can put it on your patch. 

Q: How do I pay for my order?

A: I only accept PayPal as a method of completing a transaction. This is for your protection and mine. 

Q: Can you do a patch from the real army?
Q: Is wearing patches from real military units impersonating a soldier?
Q: I want a Ranger Tab, can you do this?

A: Yes, I can replicate real military patches, even obsolete ones, if given a clear enough image. Wearing patches from real military units is not impersonating soldiers, unless you're going around telling everyone that you're a real soldier in the real unit. Most people know that we're Airsofters.

If you want to make a statement about being an Airsofter, then order one of my tabs and wear it right over the patches you bought. If anyone questions that, they're not as smart as you are.

If you really do want a real patch from a real unit, you can try two things: 1) Write a letter (not an email) on real paper, with a stamp, to the unit, and offer them $5 for their "Coffee Fund" if they will send you a unit patch. 2) Find a good militaria dealer on the internet and buy it from them. You'll come out cheaper in the long run. 

I once saw on an Airsoft Message Board where some guy said he'd "pull out his knife, and cut off any patches" anyone was wearing from the real military, because it "dishonored the soldiers."

First, nobody would ever cut anything off my kit and live to tell the tale. That's MY gear.

Second, if someone pulls a knife on me, they had better know a good surgeon, because they are going need one to get that knife back.

Third, all of the real soldiers (most of them have been Special Forces, Airborne, or Rangers) that I have asked over the years have all said they were flattered that someone wanted to represent their unit like this, and "what the heck was Airsoft? It sounds like a lot of fun!" So I told them about Airsoft. Some of them now play. NO real soldier, airman, or sailor I have ever spoken to has told me they think it dishonors them if someone wears their unit patch. Not one.

Don't worry if someone gives you a hard time. This is YOUR gear, not theirs. When they pay for what you wear, then they can tell you what to put on your gear. 

Q: What is "Overbordering"?

A: An overbordered patch is where the ink impressed background extends out to include the merrowed edge of the border. It is actually a very interesting effect, and works very well with military camouflage backgrounds. It is only available on some patches, because there are some sizes and shapes on which the process can't be done.

Q: How much does it cost to have you draw my patch design?

A: The Art/Consult Design fee is part of the service. For all the patches I have ever done, it has never been more than $25.00. Almost all of the time it is right around $15.00. I did do a design once, that went through 11 different drafts, with over 35 other changes before the client was satisfied. I ended up drafting 10 different patch designs, and his art/consult fee ended up being $40.00 but that is the one exception. I will keep working on your design until you are satisfied with it. Most of the time, your Art/Consult Design Fee will be the same or less than the amount you get in your quote. If it is going to be more, I will tell you ahead of time.

Q: Can you do metallic colors?

A: Not yet. The inks for doing metallic colors on these patches don't work very well, but the technology is always improving. It could be a year, it could be next month, or it could be ten years before they make it where it works and looks good. Until then, I can do a few things with the artwork to make it look pretty good.

Q: Does anyone ever read this FAQ?

A: Sometimes, it doesn't seem like it. I get asked a lot of questions that could be answered if people just took a look at this FAQ page. The minimum quantity really is one. No, I can't do an NFL patch. Yes, I can do your family crest. No, I can't make a police patch without written authorization from the department. If you don't send artwork, and describe EXACTLY what you want, I can't guess and tell you what your patch is going to look like!

As more questions get asked, this page will be updated regularly to cover those answers!