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Please note: I do not do embroidery.
This is how to get a FREE quote and order your Custom Patches. If you have already followed all these steps
and have an invoice, great! If not, let's get you started so that you can place an order.

Be sure to read the entire page, because the information here is critical to to help you order correctly
and to help me make certain that your patch design is exactly what you want
it to be.

There are links to ask questions by email at the bottom of the page, but
please check the FAQ first to see if your question has already been answered. Thanks!

Here is the FULL LIST of information I need in order to be able to give you a quote:
I need to know the shape and the size of the patch you want. There are many standard shapes and sizes available, and HERE  is the page where a complete list of shapes and sizes is shown.
I need to know the QUANTITY of patches you would like. The minimum is ONE. Prices for different quantities can be found HERE.
If you need a shape or size that is different from one of those shown on the shapes page, please tell me exactly what size (height and width) you need. Most of the time, special shape patches have to be done in a minimum quantity of 10. That's why I have so many standard shapes available. Some shapes can't be merrowed, and I'll explain this if yours is one of them.
I need to know what specific background you would like. I can do almost all of the military camouflage patterns for just about every country in the world. I have about 50 different textures, in as many colors as you want. I can do 16 million colors for the background. Please tell me what color background, or pattern you need.
If you don't know what precise color to tell me, look up "Pantone Color Match" on the Internet, and give me the three or four digit code for the Pantone color, and I will match that color. Keep in mind that all monitors are different, so if you need an exact match, go in person to a printing shop and ask to see their Pantone "fan book". Match your color, and send me the three or four digit code for Uncoated Stock.
If you have picked out a standard shape, they all come with a Merrowed Edge. Please tell me what color you want this edge to be. Sometimes, they are limited to a black edge, and if the one you picked is limited to a black edge, I will tell you so up front.
Send me your artwork by email. It does not have to be perfect, because I will draft up a clean image for you. A rough pencil sketch on a piece of paper will do. It will give me a good idea of what you have in mind. Scan it or take a picture, and send it. The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is absolutely true in this case.
If there are any other specific colors you would like to match, see #5 to tell me exactly what they are.
If you need something extra, like Iron-On Backing, or Velcro on the back, please let me know that detail. Iron-On is $1.75 extra per patch for standard size patches, and $3.50 extra per patch for oversized patches. Velcro is $10 per patch extra.
When I have all your information, I will send you a draft proof for you to approve.
Click HERE to send me an email with your artwork, and all of the above information

The reason I ask for all this specific information is to save YOU time. If I have to email you back and forth asking for these details, it takes away time that you can spend doing something else, and makes the process of getting your patches much longer. The more information you give me at the beginning of the process, the better! These are YOUR patches, and I don't want to 'guess' what you want on them! Please tell me up front!

Please note: Patches are not available with Velcro.
If you absolutely must have Velcro, there is a $10.00 PER PATCH charge for it. it will be less expensive for you to attach it to the patches yourself. Believe me, it isn't worth the trouble.