Custom Team Patch                             
Custom T-Shirts

If you have ever wanted a custom T-shirt for your team, you have come to the right place. Most places that do custom T-shirts charge some big-time fees to produce 12 or more shirts. Just as with patches, you only have to order one, if that's all you want. Or, if you wanted to order 10, or 25, or 100, you could do that too. If you are interested in a custom-designed shirt for a team, group, or just for yourself,  contact me HERE and I will work with you to create it!  If you can dream it up, I can probably put it on a shirt.

Just like with Patches, there are a few things I need to know: I don't need a lot of information, but I do need to know exactly what you want. I will work with you to draft a design that is precisely what you want, that looks professional, and fits your needs. If you need a good custom shirt, tell me what you want, and I can make it.

Tell me what you want on your shirt. Tell me also what size you want the design to be.
I need to know what size, so that I can render the image at the correct resolution.

Tell me what size and color you want your shirt to be. Some designs just won't work on some
colors of shirts, and we can work with this up front to save some time and hassle. 

Here are the available shirt colors:

Tell me if you need long sleeve, short sleeve, sweatshirt, or a hoodie. The vendors have many different options available, and I can work with you to find one that will suit your needs.

Tell me how many you want to order. I do not have minimum orders like all the big T-shirt
companies. I can do 1 shirt, 20 shirts, any quantity in between, or more.
What I can't do is less than one shirt. 

Get your Custom Shirts at Zazzle!