Ranger-style Airsoft Tabs

If you're into Airsoft, you're at the right place.

We've all seen the Tabs worn by the Army's elite Ranger units:

We're all proud of our Armed Forces, which is why we want to emulate them in the field. But if you have ever had anyone comment that you were "wearing stuff you didn't earn" then this is the perfect alternative. If you are proud of your sport, this is a way to show that pride. If you want to show that you're an Airsofter and enjoy what you do, this is the one item that you really need on your gear.

Not that many people have one, since they're so rare, but you can have one.

You can now have one of these great tabs for your combat gear, made in the same exact style as the Army's Ranger Tab! Wear it with pride! There are 7 different styles available to suit your needs.

These tabs are only $5.00 each! 

You can order directly through e-mail, and pay with

Tabs come in 7 different styles, ready to sew on your gear or outfit
Only $5.00 each!
When these tabs are gone, there will be no more!

Looks just like the Ranger Tab, but it tells everyone that you know Airsoft. Can be used by teams to reward members who demonstrate excellent fieldcraft and teamwork. Show that you're one of the elite by wearing this tab. 

16 Ranger Tabs in stock!

Inspired by the patch of the 82nd Airborne, this tab shows you're a Patriot. Wear it with Red, White, and Blue pride!

16 Patriot Tabs in stock

This tab is for those who are serious about their CQB. These colors are used by Police and SWAT Units on their insignia, and will look great on your Black Indoor Assault gear.

4 S.W.A.T. Tabs in stock

The same colors as used in the popular Desert Camo BDU.
This tab also goes well with the new Desert Digital Camo.


The same colors as used in the very popular Woodland Camo BDU.
These colors also match the new Digital Woodland Camo. This tab also looks good on MARPAT, CADPAT, or even the new Multicam. 


Want to stand out?

Go for these fluorescent colors, and really show how much you love Airsoft. Perfect for those CQB outfits that need a little color!


For those who have Gray BDU, Urban Camo or the new Army Digital ACU uniform.


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These tabs look great on whatever you want to put them on!

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